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Did you hear? Teachers can get a free portrait of George Washington for their classroom from Mount Vernon! Quantities are limited!

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George Washington Portrait Request

Help return George Washington portraits to America's schools, public libraries, and Local, State or Federal government offices.

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WorldStrides shared Edutopia's photo.

Looking for creative ways to spice up your lessons? Here’s Edutopia's BIG list of useful videos, articles, & websites:

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Looking for creative ways to spice up your lessons? Here’s our BIG list of useful videos, articles, & websites:

By: Edutopia

  • The Library of Congress

    This month in 1800, President John Adams approved legislation purchasing “such books as may be necessary for the use of Congress.” The newly established Library of Congress first housed in the Capitol, listed only 964 volumes and nine maps by 1802. Today, the Library contains over 17 million volumes—one of the largest collections on the [...]

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  • Common Sense

    In January 1776, Thomas Paine published the 48-page pamphlet Common Sense. The pamphlet, which advocated for American independence in plain English, caused an immediate sensation in the colonies. At the time, the issue of American independence was very much undecided—many colonists identified themselves as Britons, not Americans—and Common Sense played a critical role in convincing [...]

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